Crohns disease and medical cannabis

I’ve had crohns for at least 25 years and am 52 years old. When first diagnosed I stopped using marijuana recreation-ally. I started on prednisone and azulfadine. Within 2 years I had no quality of life at all. I nearly bled to death on the floor unconscious at one point. I developed an anal fistula. Honestly at that point I decided if life was going to be like that I didn’t want to live. I’m talking about lying in a bathtub full of my own blood and feces as I was too week to stand day after day for months. So I stopped all meds and started to smoke marijuana heavily for pain relief. Within 1 month all internal bleeding stopped and hasn’t returned for over 25 years. I’m not in perfect health by any means but I do have an intact colon still something I was told I’d need operations for over 20 years ago. I am 100 percent positive marijuana is why I’m alive today.

You see it turns out I got very lucky. There are very specific reasons that Cohns disease is helped by medical cannabis. See Crohns mainly effects one’s intestinal tract. It causes bad inflammation in the colon that can lead to all kinds of life threatening complications. It also causes a person to grow more colon polyps which can turn cancerous. But people with Crohns bodies respond in a very wonderful way to these symptoms of the disease. They grow extra CB1 and CB2 receptors in the colon as the bodies response. CB1 receptors surround polyps and help prevent them from turning cancerous. Cb2 receptors are how the body helps deal with the inflammation. While marijuana is not a cure for Crohns it is in my opinion the safest most effective medication on the market to deal with the disease today. It is recommended that Crohns patients avoid smoking marijuana and instead either vaporize or consume it in an edible form. In fact a major pharmaceutical company is currently developing a medication made from cannabis specifically for crohns patients. But there’s no need to wait for that for releif. My suggestion is to find a good indica that is high in CBD as it’s very beneficial for Crohns patients. Then either make your own edibles or look for a pre-made tonic or edible with the right cannabinoid profile. Personally I have found that combining cannabinoid therapy with diet and supplements has been the best way for me to control the disease for over half of my life. I’m not a doctor and I’m not telling you what you should do medically, only what has worked for me.

By Uncle Mark

Source by nugs on 02/07/2012