Cash Hyde Foundation’s “Reggae Run” Leaves Patients Laughing and Smiling


The Cash Hyde Foundation, an organization formed around the grassroots approach of fighting cancer with goodwill and overwhelming generosity is sparking a relationship with hospitals nationally with their Little Tyke Reggae Runners.

The Reggae Runners are a product of love and compassion sparked when Mike Hyde saw a need to get his son Cashy out of his hospital bed and into the hallways, laughing and smiling. The creation of the Runners, with IV poles attached, became an inventive way for cancer victims and their families to see a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel.

These small cars are simply a positive symbol of the unyielding commitment that the Cash Hyde Foundation has to spread love, smiles, and hope to end the suffering of families fighting cancer.

KC Taynor, C.J. Maestas, and the Hyde family made the trek to over five hospitals in the San Francisco and Oakland areas to donate Reggae Runners and spread their persistent efforts to fight cancer.

“We have donated “Runners” to hospitals across the country, in states like Utah, Washington and other California cities, with more donations going out in Texas and Ohio in coming weeks, this run was special. We had a small fleet to donate thanks to the generous support from Doobons, and a very short time frame to customize and deliver them. So we decided to convoy to the hospital, customize the runners on site, donate them, share some smiles and hope, then “Run” to the next hospital and do it again. As such, we coined the term making a “Reggae Run” it was truly a positive experience,” said C.J. Maestas, one of the foundation directors.

“While this was officially our first “Reggae Run”, it’s an indescribable feeling because what we got to do was above and beyond anything else. It feels like being one of Santa’s elves to these kids at the hospitals,” foundation director KC Taynor said when the Cash Hyde crew came and delivered the Reggae Runners, donned with poles and stickers boldly stating “Cancer Fears Me” for children needing just a few minutes of laughter and smiles.

Although the Reggae Runners did not make their debut in the compassionate state of California, the Foundation aims to get them in every hospital possible and available to every cancer patient to join the fight of creating awareness and spreading love and hope to families. “Every minute a child is smiling, is a minute cancer isn’t winning,” said Mike Hyde founder and Father to young Cash Michael Hyde a cancer survivor whose story has inspired thousands around the globe.

Mike Hyde, along with numerous other activists involved in the struggle to improve the condition of cancer patients calls for a reform in the medical community and a tolerance for medical alternatives to cancer.

This Reggae Run is just the first of many that the Cash Hyde Foundation aims to achieve across the nation. When these Reggae Runners are presented to the children living in hospitals, the smiles and joy seen on their faces are enough to elevate the mood and motivation of the Foundation and others who hope to provide solace and peace in the hearts and minds of families.

Mike Hyde and the Doobons group not only work towards giving generosity and compassion to families but to also ease the journey it takes for families to provide medical help against cancer. They are paving the way to get the resources to those most in need so not every family will have to face the immense struggle the Hydes faced when Cashy was diagnosed.

Want to join the movement of spreading love and awareness? Visit www.cashhydefoundation for information regarding fundraising towards building and producing more personalized Reggae Runners so every child can escape cancer for a moment and fill hospital hallways with laughter.

For more information about the efforts of Doobons, visit

–Jennifer D. McElroy